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What Are Social Commerce Trends and What Are the Advantages?

Meta description:Explore how social commerce is turning out to be a very useful tool for modern businesses to drive growth, particularly in three very important areas.

Thanks to the human ability to build and invent, we have accomplished things like the automobile, the airplane, space travel, and even began decoding the human genome. But few other inventions have triggered a massive transformation like the internet. Originally a far cry from the greased-lightning speeds of modern Spectrum internet, the first version was intended as a fail-safe way for the US government to function and communicate in the event of a nuclear attack. Today, it is in every digital aspect of our lives, including the business world. This blog discusses how the relatively new internet phenomenon of social commerce is helping businesses drive growth and revenue online.

Social Commerce and Its Business Advantages

Social media platforms don’t just have billions of unique individual users. Virtually every big brand, as well as millions of smaller businesses, maintains a presence on it as well. It makes sense to be accessible on a platform that most of your customer base is likely using anyway. Conventionally, social media has proven to be quite effective for marketing, advertising, and branding purposes, thanks to the ability to select and target segmented audiences. But over recent years, many of the largest social media platforms have started to add social commerce functionality as well.

In very basic terms, social commerce refers to e-commerce activity on a social media platform. Businesses can use the platform to offer personalized and enhanced shopping experiences to targeted customers, without the customer ever having to leave the app. Combined with the already wide reach and visibility that many platforms offer, this can be a potential game changer over the coming years. Social media reviews, such as the ones on your Facebook page, already play a huge part in the buying decision of a large segment of the global population. Here are 3 important ways the new social commerce phenomenon is helping businesses achieve a range of goals:

  1. Attract and Grow Larger A Audience
  2. Get Better Visibility On Search Engines
  3. Building Retention-Focused Customer Relationships

Let’s have a closer look at these in the sections below.

Attract and Grow Larger A Audience

Social media represents one of the fastest and most cost-efficient ways to attract and build a larger audience. More so than virtually any other medium in use today. The reason is simple, all businesses need to do is create a Business Page and an ad account. Facebook already has virtually every demographic as active users. All you have to do is select your audience segments and target them with relevant and engaging information. Most popular social media platforms see thousands of new users every day. Moreover, they offer an opportunity to circumvent physical barriers and reach out to an audience on a global scale. You can’t pitch your product or service if nobody is listening, and social media platforms allow you to select the audience you want to be visible to. It’s worthwhile to invest time and effort in social commerce, even if to just grow your social presence initially.

Get Better Visibility On Search Engines

The benefits of social commerce are not just limited to buying or selling on the social media platform itself. Social commerce can also be used as a tool to drive traffic from social media onto your website. Most SEO experts agree that more incoming traffic is a positive ranking factor. Yes, there is no accurate weight that we can assign to this factor. But the fact remains that it will still be useful to your SEO efforts to offer links to your website on your page as well as in the content you post. If your audience shares and engages with these posts, you may get even more clicks among their own social networks.

Building Retention-Focused Customer Relationships

Yes, social commerce is a great way to get people to buy your products and services. But it also offers a great opportunity to build lasting customer relationships. In the business world, it is generally accepted that cultivating repeat customers are more profitable than solely focusing on acquiring new ones. Social commerce allows you to communicate and engage with customers. Use this to establish credibility and trust, and offer personalized experiences to your potential customers.

A strong and consistent brand experience is a sure way to create satisfied and happy customers. This is something that resonates with the customer and leaves a lasting impression, as with the Charter customer service. These happy customers are the ones that are more likely to remember the experience and come back for more.

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