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Changing winter tires to summer tires: tricks and subtleties

Summer is approaching, and soon car enthusiasts will flock to tyre centers for the seasonal transition from winter to summer tyres.

What should you pay attention to during such a visit? Let’s take a few of the most common situations that consumers face when changing tyres for summer tyres.

Purchase a new set of summer tyres

Let’s hope that the driver approached the choice of summer tyres responsibly and bought summer tyres from one of the top budget tyre brands, suitable not only for his driving style and operating characteristics but also strictly corresponding to the manufacturer’s recommendations in terms of size and the speed and load index.

After you buy new summer tyres, the professional tyre centre employees will be able to perform tyre fitting. Warn technicians before starting work that you need new valves.

The summer tyres are installed correctly if:

  • The tyres are installed following the tread pattern. That is, the direction in which the tyre will roll is taken into account (if the tyre tread pattern is directed), or the outer side of the tyre with the inscription “OUTSIDE” is aligned with the face of the rim (for asymmetric tread patterns). If this is not the case, then ask to fix and install the tyres according to the recommendation.
  • The tyres are balanced, and the amount of weights per side does not exceed 40 grams. If there are more weights, ask to rebalance. If this was not achieved even after the second attempt, it means that you either have a deformed disc, or you should contact another tyre center.
  • New valves are installed in the tyres. If not, and you warned the tyre center employees about this in advance, then they must correct this oversight.

If you plan to reuse your summer tires, here are a few suggestions from the experts:

Check the condition of summer tires before driving to a tyre center.

How to check for tire damage

Pay attention to your tires for any damage. If there is damage (tears, cracks, cuts), and the tire’s inner layers are visible, you need to consult with the specialists of the tyre centre. They will determine if it can be repaired or if tyre 1 needs to be replaced.

How to check the wear of summer tyres

If the tyres are in order, then you need to inspect the tyres for wear. Look for the summer tyre wear indicator (usually it looks like a protrusion in the drainage channel, in the same area, there will be a word “TWI” on the sidewall). If the tread has a level close to the summer indicator lug, you need to buy new tyres.

As a rule, front tyres wear out faster, so ensure that the deepest tread pattern is on the rear axle, regardless of the vehicle drive. If the tyres are in good order, you can go to the tyre center to transfer tyres to work and order new valves. Then you can follow the recommendations given above (check the correct installation, the quality of balancing, change the valves).

Get a set of summer tyres mounted on rims

Many drivers have not only two sets of tyres, but also two sets of wheels. However, many people neglect a visit to a tyre center. Balancing is needed even for such kits. Regular balancing will allow for more even wear, which means the tyres will last longer.

Regular tyre inspection by specialists from a professional tyre center can also prevent potential tyre problems – hernias, punctures, etc.

In addition to the above features, you need to remember that winter tyres’ change for summer ones is made only when the average daily temperature reaches + 7 ° C.

These are some tips if you want to switch from winter tyres to summer tyres. You can opt for budget tyre brands if you have done the research beforehand. So, analyze your needs comprehensively, carry out thorough research and then settle on a choice.

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