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Top 5 Healthy Foods For Starving Teens

As we grow there are a lot of changes that go through our bodies. Throughout our lives we have to go with changes and one of the major changes that we all have to face is excess hunger.

Although, everyone has a different appetite. Some kids like to eat more while there are some who never get hungry.

No matter what the situation is, you have to keep one thing in mind. That as we are growing and our body goes through different changes, it does need a dose of proper nutrients that are vital for your growth.

There is a fine line between excessive eating and no eating at all. So, you have to keep the balance.

In the growing age, our muscles and bones need nutrients like protein, calcium, iron, and other minerals. All of these add up to help us build a stronger body and health.

So, the foods that you should be adding to your diet have to be rich in these nutrients. You can start by adding lean meat and vegetables to your diet.

When it comes to beverages you should stick with hazelnut coffee, black tea, or fresh juices. Try to avoid unhealthy soda beverages as they are not good for your health.

The following foods are perfect for hungry growing teens.


There is one thing that is really important for your growing body and that is more protein. The more you consume it, the better it gets for your health.

Still, you have to maintain it with a physical workout routine or else you will end up being obese. So, eggs are good for your growing body.

You can add it to your breakfast, lunch, or even dinner. Eggs are something that can be consumed at any part of the day. So, you have to decide when that should be.


Next on the list is lean meat. There are different types of lean meats that you can add to your daily diet. Chicken breast, lean beef, and seafood.

All of these falls under the category of lean meat and are perfect for your health and fitness. So, what you will add to your diet totally depends on you.

As I said before that a growing teen needs all the nutrients that he or she can get. There is a time after our body stops growing.

So, you have to pile up all the nutrients at an early age so you can notice the difference later.


Another important thing for growing teens is caffeine. As they have to go to school and colleges and have tons of daily work to do.

It is quite easy for younger teens to lose energy and focus. This is why they should consume caffeine-rich beverages. You can get one from the bean coffee company.

The reason why you should avoid soda beverages is that they contain unhealthy chemicals and toxins that are bad for your overall health.

They increase the amount of inflammation in our bodies that can lead to digestive and skin issues like acne, acid reflux, and ulcers.


This is something that even adults avoid eating. The reason why vegetables are not that much consumed in a raw or even boiled state is that throughout generations our bodies are hardcoded with this instinct to consume meat in our daily diet. This is the reason why most people tend to avoid consuming vegetables.

This is where you have to be a little strict with yourself. Start by consuming a bowl of salad every day.

If you overeat then this can help a lot in controlling your appetite. Plus, it can improve your skin and digestive health.


Another healthy food choice that most young kids avoid. As a teenager, you should understand that there is a phase, that you have to go through and that’s called puberty.

In that phase, a lot of hormonal changes occur in your body. These changes can lead to bad skin and acne that is common among young kids.

This can also be due to an excessive amount of sugar consumption or junk foods. By adding fruits to your diet, you can improve your skin health because all of them have natural sugar and vitamin C.


Growing up can be a fun thing but doing it the right way is what you should be considered about.

This is why you should start consuming foods that are good for your health as you are in a growing stage.

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