Heat exchanger for condensing water vapor

Heat exchanger for condensing the water vapor contained in a stream of gases. Stalwart is a regular partner of one of the world’s leading companies in the supply of vacuum systems for packaging, degassing, drying, and distillation, among other applications.

This customer recently received an order for a new vacuum pumping system for which a heat exchanger was required to condense the water vapor contained in a stream of gases.

The particularities of the technical specification were the low inlet pressure of the gases, less than 0.2 bar (a), and their categorization as dangerous fluid (group 1) and explosive, according to European Directive 2014/68 / EU.

Stalwart technicians designed a tubular heat exchanger from our Industrial Line, the I-TFM-I heat exchanger with flanged tubular plate and removable eccentric reductions, according to existing space limitations.

The supply included 40 mm thick mineral wool insulation, covered with 0.5 mm stainless steel sheet, and cradle-type supports.

Heat exchangers specially designed for biodiesel processing

At Stalwart we are specialists in the design of tubular heat exchangers for biodiesel processing, among other applications.

It is a sector in continuous growth and for which we supply numerous equipment year after year.

The tubular heat exchangers for biodiesel have special features and a great experience is necessary to reach optimal solutions.

In this sense, at Stalwart we take into account aspects as important as the correct drainage of the equipment, the selection of a suitable material, process speeds that minimize fouling problems, etc.

In addition, thanks to our own development of our corrugated tube technology, we are able to obtain very compact equipment.

Continuing with the above, during this year 2020 we have supplied several I-TFM-I heat exchangers to an important company in this biodiesel sector in the United Kingdom.

In particular, we have supplied them with tubular heat exchangers for cooling biodiesel using cold water.

The solution proposed by Stalwart consists of an arrangement of six-meter-long units in series inclined on a frame.

Regarding the material, we have selected Duplex 2205 in the parts in contact with biodiesel to avoid corrosion problems.

Also, as discussed above, using our corrugated tubes (specifically our HARD corrugation from Stalwart) we have been able to obtain a very compact solution.

After a few months working with our equipment, our client has congratulated us since the proposed solution works as expected.

In fact, this same client has awarded us another very similar project for the same application.

In short, this is one more example of the great experience that Stalwart has in the design and manufacture of tubular heat exchangers for the biodiesel sector. You can consult our biodiesel applications section for more information.

Heat exchangers for CIP cleaning systems

Stalwart is awarded a contract for the renewal of all tubular heat exchangers required in the CIP (Clean in Place) cleaning system of a major dairy products factoryin Spain.

The client, who belongs to one of the most important multinational groups in the production of milk, yogurts, and desserts, has in the factory about twenty heat exchangers with which he heats and maintains the cleaning solution used in all his production systems.

Stalwart has the V SERIES tubular heat exchangers range, specifically designed and optimized for this CIP solution heating process, in which condensed steam is used in the shell as hot fluid.

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