All About WoW Classic Bags

The basics of WoW Classic bags and how to manage your inventory. Get to keep all the valuable things for opportunities to earn WoW Classic gold. Alternate methods of extending storage are included in the article. Have fun playing WoW Classic!

How to manage your inventory

Inventory management is oftentimes an ignored aspect of games. Battles, crafting, and exploring gather the most attention after all. Yet, inventory management remains a crucial part of any player’s experience. You can’t bring along all the sweet loot if your bags are full, right? That means proper management is as important as saving up WoW Classic gold or proper allocation of talents.

Here are all the basics of WoW Classic Bags.

What are They?

All characters are equipped with five bag slots for inventory. An irreplaceable 16-slot bag already occupies one slot, leaving four slots for inventory expansion. Like in real life, bags are for storing other items, despite being an item itself.

It’s also what’s used to expand the bank storage. Players can buy six more bag slots for their storage, and they can switch bags from their inventory to their bank and vice versa. It’s an easy way of withdrawing and storing items.

Bags in a character’s inventory are considered ‘equipped’ and ‘carried’. The ones slotted into the bank storage are only considered ‘equipped’. Be careful of this distinction, as quest items need to be carried for the advancement of the quest.

Bags come in different types and have different storage capacities. Some are even specialized to hold only certain items related to professions.

Types of WoW Classic Bags

Standard Bags – These are your run-of-the-mill bags. Nothing too special about them, other than being able to hold all kinds of items. You can get them through world drops, as quest rewards, crafting, or buying them from vendors. Capacities range from 4-18.

Enchanting Bags – Special bags made for holding items used by or created with the Enchanting profession. Hold all your materials, resources, and enchantments with these bags for organization. May have capacities ranging from 16-24.

Herb Bags – Similar to the above, but for Herbalism. Bags can have 12-24 slots.

Soul Bags – Warlock-specific bags designed for holding Soul Shards. May have a capacity of 12-28 slots.

Ammo Pouches/Quivers – Ranger-specific bags that hold ammunition or arrows. Unlike other bags, these provide a bonus to ranged attack speed. Ammo Pouches can have a maximum of 16 slots, while Quivers have 18.

Other Possible Inventory Management Methods

As normal bags have pretty small capacities, players need some creative methods for extending their storage. One way of further increasing inventory capacity is by creating another character to hold extra bags the main account can’t. There’s no need to level the character up or anything, bags are for all levels. They may want to buy the six bank slots on that character as well for even more slots.

Another method to extend storage is to use the Mailbox. While you can ‘store’ an infinite number of items in it, there are drawbacks. You can only see the first 50 items in the box, for example. It’ll be hard to access the messages past those 50.

Mail only lasts for 30 days before it gets sent back to the sender, as well. Not too big of a deal, especially if you sent it to an alt character from your main. It’ll stay in your main’s mailbox for another 30 days. After that, the mail will disappear into the void, never to return. If nothing is done for two months, you’ll lose whatever items or currency that you ‘stored’ in the mailbox. It’s an incredibly risky method for storing especially valuable items.


WoW Classic bags are important items to every adventurer. It holds emergency supplies, survival items, and whatever you want to keep from the recent raid. Improper management of inventory can lead to missed opportunities to earn more WoW Classic gold. Sometimes, it might even lead to becoming a burden in raids for bringing the wrong supplies.

Don’t underestimate the importance of bags and inventory management. Continue enjoying World of Warcraft Classic!

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