7 Tips you should know to make your fantasy team

Cricket today, has a lot of fans all over the world. Whether a kid, a youngster or, an adult, everyone loves cricket. Whenever there is a match going on, you can’t help but put it on the channel. It might not be our national sport, but the immense love people have for it is beyond thoughts. It is not today that love for cricket has grown, it has been there forever. Watching the world cup together, getting entirely engrossed in it is something that everyone does. Be it IPL matches team or one-day or world cup, the love remains the same.

Cricket gives a sense of excitement and rush to people. You don’t know what’s going to happen next and hence keeps you on your toes. You never really know what is the next ball being like or will it be a sixer? Some watch cricket for their favourite players. Everyone has a favourite player they are excited to see on the screen. People want to interact with their favourite players or just want one opportunity to play with them.

But with time cricket not only helps to make money for cricketers but also the common person. There is betting, virtual play and, many more. Fantasy sports have been a western culture for a long time but now, are making their way to a lot of Indian cricket fans.

People today play fantasy cricket games online and have made a massive amount of earnings from it. Fantasy cricket is in a shell is an interactive game where you make your team of cricket players and based on their performance on the real pitch, you earn money. What better way to put your knowledge to use and benefit from it? Individuals tend to bet money on the players they feel is going to make more runs in the game. It does not matter if all the players you choose play for the same country.

If you are someone who is new to all this but are interested in making your team and giving a shot to earn money from it, search for the best IPL earning app and you will get a whole lot of options and choose the one that has good reviews and fits your needs. But before investing any money, a survey is advisable so that you do not get stuck in a scam.

But making your team does require a lot of information and tips especially if you are a beginner on the path. But luckily, here are some useful tips for you that might help you to make your decision.

  • Picking the players from the same 11 member team- Since it is important to have at least 7 members of the same team while making your team, also make sure that all the players you are selecting are in the playing category. It can be difficult to change your team once the toss is done and if a player you chose is not playing; you will only be left with 10 players which will further reduce your chance of earning points.
  • Check player performance- Keeping a close focus on the players will further help you to make the right decision and choose the right player. Knowing the performance of the players in the prior matches will assist you in making your team strong.
  • ●      Knowing the weather conditions- You might have made a perfect team with all the players in the correct order and made the correct judgment of captain and vice-captain, but all your efforts will go in vain if the match is not played due to rain and other overcast conditions that can offer more swing to the ball. Being prepared for these conditions can help you win points without even winning the match.
  • Choosing captain and vice-captain- Selecting an ideal Captain and vice-captain can be beneficial for you as it will offer you a slight edge for earning more points. The captain gives you twice the points and the vice-captain gives you 1.5 times the points. Generally, choosing a popular player as your captain can help you gain more and score big against your competition.
  • Knowing the rules of allotting fantasy points-:

The point system in fantasy cricket is the pre-determined points that are allotted to players in real-life matches. These fantasy points determine what you are going to earn back when the player plays exceptionally in real-life matches.

The points are awarded each time:

  1. A run is scored by the batsman
  2. The bowler hits the wicket and the batsman is stump-out
  3. If the wicket-keeper catches the ball
  4. Whenever there is a maiden-over
  5. The batsman hits a four or six
  6. If the bowler strikes three times in a row
  7. If the batsman has a strike high rate
  8. When the player picked up by you is also picked for the 11 player line-up
  • Making multiple teams- Having a single team will only give you a 50-50 chance of winning but creating multiple teams gives you an edge. So even if you lose in one contest, there is a probability of you winning with the other team. Since there is no dearth of contests in fantasy cricket, you can always choose to make multiple teams.
  • Checking the latest information of the players-Being aware of the health conditions of the players can be beneficial to you. For an instance, if the player gets an injury or is not available to play the match you will have prior information and can make your team accordingly. Also, it will increase your chance of winning if 60% of your players and top batsman or bowlers.

But if you are still skeptical to invest your money in these games and want to be confident first, some apps allow you to play initially without money. It helps you to be sure and confident about your knowledge and predictions. And if you want more information about these apps, you can get help by searching for the best app for IPL fantasy and you will be provided with thousands of links to gain knowledge.

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