Benefits of wearing a Red Coral stone

Red Coral Stone! Wearing gemstones can bring in a lot of positivity in life and this is what is believed by many people over the years. A lot of people think that wearing the right gemstones will take them to the right course of life. There are more than one gemstones and each of them has their unique advantages and powers. But one should always consult an astrologer before wearing any gemstone because not every gemstone is suitable for everyone.

As per astrology, there are 9 different gemstones representing 9 different planets and Moonga or Red Coral is definitely one of them. It has a striking red colour and that is why; it is also known by the names Rakta Prabal and Pagadam. It is a gemstone which is naturally and mostly found in the deep parts of the sea. The leafless bushes are intermeshed with the hard calcium carbonate under the Sea and these stones are formed. Red Corals are totally organic and they are the natural gemstones which are found from the skeletons of the polyps which are deposited together. Also, this stone has some peculiar properties like they are very much durable and hard. Most of the stones come in intense red colour and few are slightly pinkish as well.

Red Coral Gemstone or Moonga Benefits

Before wearing any gemstone, one should be aware of the valuable details of it. Red Coral is a kind of a matte stone which is always available in its natural form. But they can always be polished into something shiny and glossy and then it can be used to make jewellery. This stone do come in many colours and they range from pink, pale pink, reddish pink, crimson and deep red. Apart from these colours they are sometimes available in some rare colours as well like scarlet, saffron, white, blue and black. This stone as mentioned above is worn as a gemstone as well if they are advised by an astrologer. This can bring peace and betterment to both health and mind as per astrological studies. Red Corals are mostly cut into oval shapes or into capsule shapes and then they are used as stone rings. Sometimes they are cut into triangle shapes as well but they are not much strong when it comes to astrological benefits as what experts say. This stone is mostly produced in Italy and this country is also the oldest producer of this stone. In fact, Italian red corals are considered to be the best quality of this particular gemstone. China and Japan has also been producing this stone for the past few years and they are now found in countries like Spain, France, Sicily and India.

This stone is considered to an ancient stone and coral jewellery is being worn by both men and women for more than 1000 years. Ancient Europeans and used to wear this gemstone jewellery a lot. People in India have been wearing them since 3000 BC. A lot of locals used to wear coral ornaments.

Red Coral meaning in Astrology:

If one goes by the Vedic astrology, this stone is popularly known as Laal Moonga and it is connected to the planet of Mars. It is believed by astrologers that this stone can nullify all the malefic effects of the Mars or the Mangal Graha. Mars is said to be the planet of war, energy, vitality and courage. The stone is red in colour which is also the symbol of perseverance and blood in human life.

Red Coral Astrological Benefits:

If someone has poor position of Mars in their horoscope and birth charts then they can face a lot of life issues. They can suffer from things like increase in expenditure, irritating attitude, lack of stability, weakness, unhappy marital relationship and even impotency. Weak Mars can also lead to other health issues like pregnancy and blood problems. If one can wear a red coral jewellery then it can help them to stay away from the negative effects of Mars. But if one wants to get the benefits of this stone then they need to consult as astrologer first before wearing them. If advised to wear this gemstone, one can also buy them from Khanna Gems because they have been dealing with gemstones for more than 3 decades in the market. They always deal with certified gemstones and so they are authentic. This is a stone which is mostly worn by people who are born during the months of April and November. But this can also be worn by other people who belong to different sun signs like Sagittarius and Pisces.


  • One can wear this stone because it can enhance their physical strength, energy and vitality. It can also increase the amount of self confidence in one especially among people who are important in social and political spheres.
  • Children can wear this gemstone as it can heal them hugely health wise. It can work as a protector to people who are involved in professions like surgeries, police work and athletes.
  • Wearing this stone can benefit an individual with the quality of perseverance. It can also bring in the right amount of courage in them so that they can easily solve any sort of trouble they face.
  • Wearing natural red coral stone means it can remove the obstacles which can give on the impetus in the fortitude of adversity.
  • If one has a tendency of procrastination then this stone can bring a change of lifestyle in them. This stone brings in a lot of energy in one which they can use in the right direction.
  • Wearing red coral can bring stability in one’s life especially the ones who want to get married. It can also solve some pregnancy related issues so that one can have a better conjugal life.

One can wear this gemstone not just as a gemstone but also as a piece of a jewellery. This looks so stunning that one can flaunt them at any occasion or parties as well.

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