Top 7 Foods That Can Help You Overcome Constipation

Constipation is a prevalent health disorder. It is known to affect approximately twenty percent of the people. Reduction in food movement via the digestive system or delayed colonic transit is the two key causes of constipation.

In addition, aging, a low fiber diet, and inadequate physical activity are the key reasons for constipation. The key remedies of constipation include consuming stool softeners, laxatives, and fiber supplements; there are also an array of foods that you can add to your diet and regularize your bowels. 

Here is a list of foods that help you poop better. So, let us get started and address them one by one. 


Dehydration is the prime cause of constipation. So, to relieve yourself of constipation, you must drink plenty of water. It can help resolve and ease your constipation symptoms. When you are constipated, your intestines fail to carry adequate water to the stools. This might result in dry, hard, and lumpy stools, which might lead to constipation.

‘Every time I am constipated, the first thing I do is drinking plenty of water, and it surely helps me relieve constipation,’ comments Jacob, an online reviewer who did the best spinning reels under 100 reviews. 


Also known as dried plumps, the prunes are a prevalently used home remedy to cure constipation. They have a high degree of fiber in them. Every ¼ cup of prunes contains about three grams of fiber. This is about twelve percent of your daily recommended fiber intake.

Prunes contain an insoluble fiber or cellulose. This adds to the water content in stool, which increases the bulk. Additionally, the prunes also have a soluble fiber fermented in the colon to yield short-chain fatty acids that add to the stool weight. 

What’s more? Prunes have sorbitol in them. Sorbitol is a sugar alcohol, and the body does not absorb it. It results in the water being pulled into the colon. This has a laxative impact on some people.

More so, prunes also have phenolic compounds, which tend to have a beneficial effect on gut bacteria. This tends to add to the laxative effect of the prunes. 

In a study involving 40 people with chronic constipation, it was found that consuming 3.5 ounces of prunes every day tends to have an incredible impact on stool consistency and frequency, as opposed to the psyllium treatment, which is a kind of dietary fiber. 

‘I enjoy prunes mostly in my salads, smoothies, baked goods, savory stews, oatmeals, and sometimes individually on their own,’ comments Erica, an educator who offers online jewelry-making classes


The common low to most kinds of fruits is that they have a heavy fructose element in them. Fructose is fruit sugar, which can result in gas. Consequently, doctors and experts recommend switching to low-sugar, high-fiber fruits, which do not cause bloating in the tummy. One such fruit is kiwi. A cup of kiwi can provide you with five grams of fiber.

Therefore, Kiwi also offers the body five grams of fiber. In addition, you will also get other nutrients that are good for you, such as more than two times your body’s daily Vitamin C requirement. 


‘I love Raspberries. They certainly help me with my bowels. I usually add them to yogurt as a topping or eat them with some cream. This mix provides me with the right amount of Vitamin C and calcium,’ comments Stuart, an online reviewer who did the best shaver for balls review. 

You can also enjoy a light tart that has almond crust and raspberries in it. This, too, can spike the day’s fiber intake as almonds are a rich fiber source. However, do not make it a habit, and watch your fat and sugar intake. 


Did you know a lot of people use coffee as a laxative? Of course, there is a reason that your 9:00 AM coffee gets you running to the bathroom by 10:15 or so. 

Often when we refer to coffee, we think of it as a brain stimulant. However, it does more to your body than to your mind. Coffee also aids in stimulating your GI system. But, you should know that even though coffee can be a great quick fix, it might not be the ideal way to help you with your business.

However, please bear in mind, caffeine tends to have a dehydrating effect. So, always team your morning brew with some water to ensure that your constipation does not get more severe. 


Apples are a good fiber source. A small apple can cater to about 3.6 grams of your fiber requirement. Fiber travels through the intestine undigested. Consequently, it helps in stool formation and assures regular bowel movements. Apples also have pectin, a soluble fiber in them. This is widely known for its laxative effect. 

A study involving eighty participants suffering from constipation was advised for pectin supplements. In only four weeks, pectin accentuated the colon transmission time and lowered the constipation symptoms. Further, pectin also bettered the digestive health and aids in improving helpful bacterial in the gut. 

‘I love apples. I eat at least one apple every day. On some days, I use apple as a topping for my foods, such as oatmeal, crepes, or yogurt, while on other days, I just eat an apple as my travel snack. It is delicious and extremely nutritious. It surely helps me by providing my body with the desired fiber content, and thereby, helps me with constipation,’ comments Marry, an online reviewer who did the Kohler Santa Rosa reviews

Wheat Bread

Whole wheat bread has a good quantity of insoluble fiber in it. This helps your body feel good the right way, and our intestines cannot absorb insoluble fiber. Consequently, the insoluble fiber in the body is eliminated more quickly. This can also be a good breakfast option.

So, have whole wheat bread with some almond butter early in the morning. It can make for a hearty sandwich and is incredibly filling too. If you want the wheat bread to taste and smell better, you can even try making your bread at home. 

So, these are the top seven foods that can help in relieving constipation. Have more suggestions on the foods to add to overcome constipation? Do let us know in the comments below.

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